Jasper Engine and Transmission Solutions

Your Vehicle Dilemma
When faced with the need for expensive repairs, you quickly review your options. A new car would be nice, but it will depreciate rapidly and brings a hefty payment and high ownership costs. A used vehicle may not cost quite as much but can come with hidden problems that will lead to expensive repair bills. If you buy junkyard components, you may save money on the purchase, but you may also buy parts that have suffered abuse and damage and will not serve you well at all. And rebuilt engines or transmissions can cost less, but the quality of the work may be inconsistent, and the parts may have only a minimum warranty.

Jasper engines and transmissions

JASPER Remanufactured Engines and Transmissions are the Right Solution!

  • Quality and reliability at a fraction of the cost of a new or newer used vehicle
  • Significantly faster and more dependable than overhauling an engine or transmission
  • Less time without your vehicle and decreased rental vehicle costs
  • Minimal disruption of your daily activities
  • 3 Year / 100,000 Mile Transferable, Nationwide Parts & Labor Warranty
  • No monthly vehicle payment means more cash on hand for you and your family
  • Recycling old engines and transmissions benefits the environment

If your four-wheeled friend is otherwise in good shape, choose a JASPER remanufactured exchange engine or transmission. IT’S THE RIGHT DECISION.

Quality Is Built Into Every Engine

Updated procedures – remanufactured to meet or exceed original specifications by correcting OEM design flaws and improving performance.

  • New and Qualified Parts – all new and remanufactured parts are carefully inspected for correct tolerances to assure dependability. Wear items – pistons, bearings, valves, springs – automatically replaced with every engine!*
  • Meticulous Cleaning – after disassembly, all components undergo multiple cleaning processes to assure quality product remanufacturing.
  • Precise Machining – Boring, honing, and resurfacing correct wear in critical areas.
  • Testing – live-run testing to assure proper operating conditions before shipment.

Reliability Is Built Into Every Transmission

  • Updated Procedures – remanufactured to correct problems in original manufacturer design for an equal to or better than new product.
  • New and Qualified Parts – all new and remanufactured parts are carefully inspected for correct tolerances to assure dependability.
  • Quality Control – all areas of the transmission are closely scrutinized for cleanliness, surface finish quality, lubrication, clearances and wear patterns.
  • Valve Bodies – carefully remanufactured to give the same shift quality and “feel” as new.
  • Torque Converters – Dynamic balancing eliminates vibration that can lead to transmission damage.
  • Dynamometer Testing – live-run testing simulates in-vehicle operation to assure trouble-free performance.

3 year / 100,000 Mile Transferrable, Nationwide Parts & Labor Warranty

Choose JASPER with confidence. Every JASPER remanufactured engine and transmission is backed by a Transferable, Nationwide 3 Year / 100,000 Mile Parts and Labor Warranty. For even greater peace of mind, a Premium Service Plan that includes towing and car rental is also available. We gladly supply a full warranty disclosure upon request.

A Technical Hotline and 24/7 Emergency Warranty Information are also available at
(800) 827-7450

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